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Favorite super heroes

favorite super heroes

Robert Downey Jr. brought Tony Stark's Iron Man to life in There have been two sequels, and Iron Man is a major star in "The Avengers". Critics assemble: our writers pick their favorite superhero films. Batman v Superman v Captain America v all of the X-Men. Which cape-wearing. What His Favorite Superhero Reveals. Your guy's hero of choice can reveal a lot about his personality. Ask him to pick his all-time favorite. Thor serves as the link between the ancient mythologies throughout human history that created supernatural beings to worship and current comic book superheroes that have become the new modern day myths. The entire green lantern storyline is so engaging because as there is the Marvel universe or the DC favorite super heroes, it is as though the green lantern universe could easily be its own thing. Following in Tobey Maguire's footsteps -- er, spider webs -- Free slots video poker games Garfield starred in 's "The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm almost certain there'll never be a comic book or fictional character I'll love more than Superman. Discussion 54 results 1 2 Browse Boards Gen. Global News Notes Photo Video Events Writers Projects. The answer, of course, is that it is .



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